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Legal translation is the most important translation and the most sensitive one. Any error in legal translation could lead to a legal dilemma for a customer.

Therefore, at Diamond Legal Translation (DLT), we pay a special attention to legal translation in the way to protect our clients form any legal problems.

We provide accredited legal translation services in dubai to law firms and offices, courts, companies, hospitals and individuals. We highly focus on contracts, litigation documents,

We have a staff of high-experienced certified legal translators, linguists and proofreaders who can translate from several languages into other languages.

We, at DLT, believe that the best translation can be achieved by combining professional experience with translation skills with the well-advanced technology. High-quality translation is born when combining technology, terminology management and quality management.

In addition, we have our own database of legal terminologies, collected from the most reliable legal sources, which, in turn, helps accurately translate legal documents for official use.


When it comes to legal translation, DLT is the best choice. Why? BECAUSE:

We DO Care About You ....

  • Our main major is legal translation dubai.
  • We have highly-experienced specialized translators and proofreaders.
  • We provide the best legal translation assuring that we are in your budget. We offer you a reasonable price to cope with your financial abilities.

General Translation

Millions of words are being exchanged through information every day in our globalized world. Such words need to be translated into different languages.

General translation does not need specialist translators, but we understand that even if the subject matter does not need specialization, your service standards must be high, DLT believes that each single task must have criteria to follow, even the most trifle tasks; so we provide the same high-quality services for all types of translation, we never look down to any work, whatever easy it is, even if the translated document consists of a few lines.

In General Translation, we translate documents such as:

  • Letters.
  • Conference speeches.
  • Agendas.
  • Meeting minutes.
  • Memorandums of association.

As we pay a great attention to our clients, and we care about achieving their goals, we provide our services at the most reasonable prices.

Medical Translation

Translation – no doubt - plays an important role in communication between people, but such role will turn into a critical one when it comes to translation in the medical field.

For our firm belief that translation in medical field can save human live or even support good treatment for him, Diamond Legal Translation (DLT) provide the medical translation services with the highest quality ever and utmost accuracy. We always keep an eye on delivering such kind of translation at the hands of qualified and professional translators with long experience in the subject area of expertise supported by consultants.

Economy and Finance Translation

At Diamond Legal Translation (DLT), our economic and financial text translators are people who hold an educational degree in economic studies, so they have a good command of this field.

No matter what type of economic or financial project is to be translated, we are in a position to meet the assigned deadline.

At DLT, our translators, specialized in economy and financial texts, guarantee a 100% accurate translation, that is ready to be distributed and published, as they are specialized in translating the most complicated economic and financial text, such as (included but not limited):

  • Annual reports.
  • Balance sheets (income statements).
  • Audit reports.
  • Stock market press release.
  • Financial analyses.
  • Business plans.
  • Bills.
  • Bank statements.
  • Budgets.
  • Payslips (Paystubs.

We assure you that our prices are in hand of everyone without prejudice of quality.

Media Content Translation

As competition is heating up nowadays in business field, you should compete even harder and utilize more attractions in your campaigns. If you intended to extend your reach and to address other country and culture, then you should offer your services in an attractive and appealing way. One of the most effective, attractive ways to promote your brand is media. But if you intend to address a foreign country, then your media content should be translated into the language and culture of such country.

DLT provides you with media content translation service in order to help you extend your reach and widen your horizons. We not only translate the content of your media files, we also localize the content to make it understandable and appealing to the target culture. We can assure you that your media content will gain wide approval and acceptance among the target audience.


At Diamond Legal Translation (DLT), we provide, according to your needs, all types of interpretations including:

Simultaneous Interpretation: where the interpreter translates the speaker’s word while the speakers continues to speak without interruptions. The interpreter sits in the interpreter’s booth and wears headphones listening to the speaker and transmitting the translation to the audience through a microphone, where each attendant of the audience wears headphones.

Escort Interpretation: where the interpreter is not isolated from the rest of the group, moving among the attendants using a microphone or headphones.

Consecutive Interpretation: this type is most used in courts where an interpreter takes notes during the speaking, then translates orally.

Liaison Interpretation: where an interpreter stays in the middle of the participants and translates sentence by sentence.

At DLT, we have specialized interpretation for each single types of interpretation, in addition we provide our interpreters with the required training courses in order to adapt them to all these types of interpretation.

The least interpreters at DLT have five years’ experience in the field of interpretation; they can translate from and into the targeted language.

Conference Equipment

Diamond Legal Translation (DLT) is ready for providing conferences with all the required needs to streamline the conference, which include interpreter’s booth, headphones, projectors, flipcharts, notebooks, laptops, microphones, LCD screens, speakers and all devices required for interpretation made by the best international companies in the world.

We have conference equipment for personal and business conferences. Our equipment is characterized by the high quality of the visual and audio devices.

Such equipment can be complemented by simultaneous interpretation and creating the conference content. This entire package will be at a reasonable price.

Website Translation

Your website is considered the mirror of your company, so it must be appropriately prepared for all clients of all nationalities.

In DLT, we seek professionalism by combining both quality and consistency in our website translation so as to be perceived and understood by all your company’s audience.

Our translation is distinguished by combining the local concept and international scalability to ensure delivery of message to all cultures.

If you want to install a website for your company, and need the content of such website to be translated, don’t hesitate to communicate with us; we have a team of highly qualified translators and proofreaders in all languages who can deliver you the best translation in Multilanguage versions under tight deadlines.

Software Localization

Technical translation is considered one of the most difficult and complicated fields of translation that requires accuracy and awareness of the technical field to be translated.

DLT has a network of technical translators having experience and specialized in the all technical and software materials to be translated.

Having experience in such field, we can localize your mobile, software, electronics and other related applications in more than 100 languages, that leads to have your products spread around the world.

Desktop Publishing

Do you have a document containing images and diagrams?
Do you need to keep the same formatting of the source file in the target one?
Do you want to introduce some improvements on the format of your documents?

If so, then you should contact DLT. Our DTP team in DLT is composed of highly experienced desktop publishing specialists who excel at generating contents with attractive and perfect formatting.

Our team provides you with top notch desktop publishing service that would make your more consistent with the text and subject matter of your document and would improve the formatting of your document, including font, style, margins, layout, etc. DLT-provided desktop publishing comprises a variety of services:

  • Multimedia projects.
  • Flash files.
  • Smart shapes.
  • E-documents.
  • Graphic diagrams.


Creativity is our vision … we will deliver the services take you to success.

In such a competitive work environment of today, there has been an ever-growing need for audiovisual types of media to be translated for the targeted audience around the globe. Here comes the importance of subtitling services. Subtitling is an exciting area of expertise, fall within the broader field of audiovisual translation including dubbing, voiceover and audio description. Subtitling can be of two categories: subtitling within the same one language, for the deaf and hard of hearing (sometimes also called captioning), and the other one is subtitling across multiple languages, used for foreign-language film and television.

Diamond Legal Translation (DLT) delivers such service with high quality and competence which featured how professional and disciplined are our team of translators and subtitlers. Equipped with proper qualifications, language competencies and cultural diversified backgrounds, our team will dedicate to present your audiovisual material in the way you want keeping the same goals and message.

At Diamond Legal Translation (DLT), Subtitling doesn’t just translate the dialogue, but also other meaningful language including signs, letters, captions and other written words; we translate your ideas and speak your mind.

Voice Over

Nowadays, due to the enhancements and cutting edge innovations in multimedia, new fields of translation have been increasingly demanded. In response to such matter, Voice-over technique emerged where a voice over is used to replace a text in with an audio in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations and is commonly used in documentaries or news reports to explain information.

Diamond Legal Translation (DLT) provides such service in a professional refined and high quality manner. We work along with leading recording studios to guarantee the utmost performance ever. DLT has a team of hand-picked staff including males and females to deliver you the voice and message you want in whatever language and to wherever audience you want.

At Diamond Legal Translation (DLT), At Diamond Legal Translation (DLT), fulfilling the needs and requirements of all clients comes at the core of our interest. Our objective is to provide you with a professional and personal service dedicated to ensuring that the meaning of your message is understood by the targeted audience.

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